Lucky Draw Tool

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Draw numbers, random letters, names or any other custom elements

The lucky draw app is a complete tool specially made for random draws.

  • Letters - Select complete alphabet, consonants or vowels, very useful if you are playing letter games.
  • Numbers - You select the maximum number you want, up to maximum 9999 (possible to exclude ‘0’) very useful for lottery, bingo or random number draw. Plus you can follow all the previous draws - Very useful during a Bingo game.
  • Flip coin - Decide on coin toss, Heads or Tails.
  • Custom lists of elements - Input any data you want! Names, colors, fruits, tasks, emojis, … and proceed to a random draw in your custom elements. A very useful tool to determine who’s going to go first? what are we going to eat? which movie should we watch? which task is to be done first?… Your custom elements are saved in your device to be used again.

During your games, follow the series of draws and flips with the 'previous draws' and 'previous flips'



Lucky Draw Letters

For any letter games you will always be able to pick a random letter in the complete alphabet, only a vowel or a consonant.


Lucky Draw Numbers

Select the maximum number up to a mixum of 9999. Include or exclude zero and launch the draw. This feature is an asset for any Bingo player.


Lucky Draw Flip

No coins in your pocket? You got the right app to apply a heads or tails flip.
Keep tracks of the previous flips.

Custom lists of elements

Lucky Draw Custom elements

Create lists and create the elements in the lists. It can be any topics you want. All your lists are saved in your device.