Lucky Draw Tool

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How to use Lucky Draw Tool

1. Select the type of draw you want: Letters, numbers, flip or cutom.

Lucky draw Choose letters, numbers or custom elelemnts


2. For letters, you can choose vowels, consonants or the complete alphabet

Draw vowels, consonants or the complete alphabet


3. For numbers, just set the maximum number with the picker. The maximum would be 9999 and you can choose to exclude number 0 from the draw (eg. for Lotto, numbers go from 1 to 49). The Lucky Draw Tool will draw random numbers between 1 and your maximum number. The "Draw" button will only appear if there are a minimum of 2 numbers.

Draw numbers up to 9999


4. For custom elements, press "+" to add a new list and clic on the list name to access the elements list. Input whatever you need to draw (names, movies, task, colors, ...). You can delete any element with wipe gesture on the piece of paper. All your custom elements remain in your device memory as long as you don't "Clear All" or uninstall the app.

Create custom list for your draw Add a new element in your list List of your custom eleements ready to be drawn Swipe the element or list to delete the item


5. When you click "Draw" all the elements will be sent in the hat (the letters, numbers or your custom elements). Tap on the hat to draw a paper that will be automatically displayed.

Lucky draw Tool hat Check all the previous draws


6. After several draws, by clicking "Previous Draws" you can see all the papers previosly drawn. By clicking "Clear Draw", everything will be cleared and you will be sent to the home view all your draw will be reset.

Lucky draw Choose letters, numbers or custom elelemnts


7. To flip coin select 'Flip' on main menu. Tap on the hand. Heads or tails will be displayed. You can flip as many time as you want. You can access the previous flips just by a clic on 'Previous Flips'.

Flip coin feature See the result of the flip List of all the previous flips